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Who this challenge is for:
 Aspiring speakers looking to find their footing
 Existing speakers seeking greater reach and impact
 Coaches looking to build influence and authority from stage
 Educators with a thirst to inspire greater change
 Changemakers with a message the world needs to hear
How it Works
→ Identify the member population to target.
→ Choose channels for distribution.
→ Members opt into the program.
→ Participating members…
→ You can measure & quantify behavior change.
Who Will YOUR Story Change?
You have a story inside you—one that has the power to inspire, empower, and heal...
But how do you take the raw material of life experience and mold it into a powerful message that shines onstage?
Maybe you’ve tried—and experienced the time-consuming frustration of wrestling your story into cohesive words on a page.

Or worse, you shared that message with an audience and didn’t get the response or impact you were hoping for.
In the Master Your Story Challenge, you’ll learn how to:
→ Structure your story for maximum impact
→ Get clear on your purpose for sharing your message
→ Write bombshell intros that capture attention... and don’t let go
→ Tap into the deep-seated needs and desires of your audience
→ Paint immersive pictures with your words for an unforgettable presentation
→ Use proven techniques for connecting with people’s hearts and inspiring change
→ Confidently deliver your message on video and onstage
→ Craft a message of value that people will pay to hear (i.e., book more paid speaking engagements)
When you join the 14-Day Challenge, you get...
2 weeks of training
(...with lifetime access!)
Daily training videos from Manny Scott coach you through the speech writing process, one manageable step at a time. Go beyond the basics and take a deep dive into your purpose for sharing your story and more!
Develop unshakable confidence in 
the value of your message and your power to change the world with your words. Plus, learn how to step inside the mindset of your audience while crafting your message for maximum impact onstage!
Daily action steps make the speech writing process approachable, stress-free, and manageable. With just an hour of focused effort each day, you’ll build your unique message without the overwhelm, second-guessing, and frustration.
proven strategies
Learn the same proven speech writing formulas the professionals use to generate massive impact and ignite their speaking careers. You’ll receive lifetime access to the Master Your Story content—which means that you can use these principles over and over again to create powerful stories for stage every time.
community & support
Join a community of driven changemakers like you in the 
Master Your Story 14-Day 
Challenge Facebook group

Share feedback, get inspired, and stay motivated with peer support and exclusive professional speaking insights from Manny Scott.
exclusive challenge facebook group
→ Speaking tips & techniques from  
      Manny Scott

→ Invaluable feedback on your speech

Challenge members-only giveaways

Exclusive backstage speaking tour 
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Plus! Bonus Training to Accelerate Your Success
 Accelerate your path to success with exclusive training from Manny Scott's master course:
how to make a difference and a living as a speaker
how to succeed as a pro speaker
Discover the 5 key elements you need to build a profitable and purposeful speaking career. Add these professional industry tips to your passion for speaking, and you have the recipe for 
a fulfilling career ahead!
the 5 canons
of rhetoric
Manny Scott shows you how to find your"tip of the arrow" - that one message that powerfully captures your values, gets your foot in the door, and generates more paid speaking opportunities.
delivering your presentation
Learn Manny Scott's best tactics for preparing to speak on stage, forging a deep connection with your audience, finding your unique delivery style, and more!
Join the Master Your Story 14-Day Challenge today!
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Meet your mentor
Manny Scott
Although I speak for a living, I'm not just talk. 
Unlike other “pros” who offer speaker training online today, I have actually delivered over 2,000 presentations to more than 2,000,000 people over the past 18 years. Now it is my calling to help change-makers like you spread your message and create meaningful impact— without the steep learning curve.
Whether you want to move an audience of 10 or 1,000, the first step is to master your message. Let me walk you through my exact formula and help you craft a message that moves.
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2 Weeks.  1 Hour per Day.  A Lifetime of Impact.
When you have a powerful story to tell, people will literally tread down a path to your door to hear it.
If you’re ready to…
→  Share your story with those who need to hear it most
→  Be guided by your passion to change, heal, and inspire
→  Open up a new world of paid speaking opportunities
→  Infuse your words with power and your voice with confidence
... then don’t miss this opportunity to follow your purpose!

When you join the 14-Day Challenge, you get...
  • 2 weeks of training + lifetime access$399 value
  • A private Facebook community - $199 value
  • BONUS #1: How to Succeed as a Professional Speaker - $99 value
  • BONUS #2: The 5 Canons of Rhetoric - $99 value
  • ​BONUS #3: Delivering Your Presentation - $99 value
TOTAL: $895 for only $47!
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