Speaker, Author, Servant-Leader
Even on your worst day 
you can be a student's best hope!
As Manny Scott travels the world speaking to students and educators, he meets young people whose stories sound a lot like his own—a childhood that was marked by poverty, instability, violence, and despair until a few caring educators showed him how to find meaning in the classroom and gave him a glimpse of his own possibilities. 

So many kids he meets today need this kind of hope and practical assistance. But with all that is already on educators’ plates, what can an individual teacher do to help traumatized children believe in themselves, succeed in school, and graduate prepared for work and life?

Here, you’ll find answers. With the same passion that inspires so many who hear him speak, Scott presents an approach informed by the teachers who helped him and honed through years of connecting with kids who desperately need someone to show them a path to a more positive future. 

He shares the little things you can do to prepare yourself for the hard work of making a difference and offers advice for bridging cultural divides, earning students’ trust, and equipping them to take responsibility for their own success.

This book, created in partnership with ASCD, is a reminder of the incredible power every teacher has to help young people rewrite their destinies—and it’s a call to action for all who read it.
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This is one of my favorite books because it teaches me how to become a better student of my students!
-Kelly C., MA
Mr. Scott, I spent almost 45 minutes to an hour online looking up how to kill myself, what way would be the least painful. That same day I stayed up laying on my floor next to my bed with my long sharp fillet knife in my hand. Fighting with myself. Even thinking about this makes me shake. I almost did it. I almost ended my life.

When you came and you gave that speech, I was crying inside. Because I knew then and still know now that my life has meaning. I am important and I do deserve to live. And now when I get depressed, I think of your speech. And then I feel less sad and lift my head high. 
-Ryan L., WI
Easily one of the best books in education. It not only gives the why, but also shows the how of building relationships with my students. It has changed everything about how I teach. Everything! 
- Consuela G, CA
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